Registration number DSO-FZCO-24705
License Number 26483


Medical, Surgical Articles & Requisites Trading

Includes reselling of certain instruments and precise medical apparatuses for treating of certain diseases, such as earphones, batteries for cardiac patients, pulse regulators, walking-sticks, splints for bone fractures, medical shoes, artificial limbs, dentures, dental aligners, also, surgical requisites like artificial organs and parts to replace damaged organs, bone joints, heart valves, in additional to surgical suture bandages and plasters.

Medical, Surgical Equipment & Instruments Trading

Includes reselling instruments and equipment used in hospitals and clinics for diagnosis, treatment, surgical operations, medicine and blood preservation, X-raying, sterilization, waste disposal, physical therapy and rehabilitation, also, manual kits and instruments used for check-up, surgical operations and bandaging, as well as electronic devices using communication techniques.

Beauty & Personal Care Equipment Trading

Includes reselling equipment and supplies used in beauty and hair saloons, rehabilitation and personal care centers, also, health oriented equipment like pure and flavoured oxygen generators, relaxation and message equipment like chairs, beds, steam and sauna rooms, other similar ones unclassified as medical or sport equipment.


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